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This property is located in Riverview next to the district middle school and playground. It is very close to the retail center so the location is very well desired.


We came across this opportunity when we were driving for dollars (Knocking on people’s doors to get leads) in the R2 zoning in this area, and this is one of the properties. This property was already listed on Property Guys when we stumbled upon this property. It was never sold because most buyers wanted to purchase with a realtor and the seller didn’t want to pay additional realtor commissions because they had already paid Property Guys to list their property.


After acquiring the property, we decided to keep it as a single family even though the zoning allowed us to convert it into a duplex. We decided to do this because we wanted to target long term family tenants.


The lesson learned from this acquisition is to stay flexible with your exit strategies and solve the pain point for the seller to get the deal done.

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