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Our Favorite Real Estate Investing Resources

As real estate investors, Lyne and I spend a lot of time consuming real estate content, topics ranging from tactical deal breakdowns to trainings on building mentalities. Ever since we started sharing our updates on social media, lots of you have reached out expressing your interest and curiosity in real estate investing, but not sure where to start.

Today as a blog post, I wanted to share some of our favorite resources that inspired us the most along the journey. Read our story here.

On Mentality

Kiyosaki, Robert. Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!

If you ask any real estate investor what book inspired them to start investing in real estate, chances are, it was Rich Dad Poor Dad. Although controversial, Kiyosaki’s book taught me to classify everything in life as assets vs. liabilities, and to only invest my resources and energy into the asset column and look for ways to achieve financial independence.

How I Built This with Guy Raz, NPR.

Although this podcast is not explicitly about real estate investing, we have thoroughly enjoyed listening to the many entrepreneurs and the stories they shared on how they build their business from the ground up. In real estate, we face so many rejections and uncertainty on a daily basis, I found it calming and reassuring to listen to these entrepreneurs about how they remained resilient and overcame challenges.

Mic’d Up Millionaires with Adam JD Martin

At the young age of 26, Adam JD Martin leads one of the fastest-growing wholesaling companies in Canada with Matt McKeever. I absolutely enjoy this podcast as he puts his millionaire guests (mostly in real estate) in the hot seat, dive deeps into the stories of their come-up, as they discuss the mentalities that kept them going and eventually to success.

YouTube Video Meet the Real Estate Investor with 102 Tenants – Matt McKeever Graham Stephan

The video that started it all for us. In the fall of 2020, I had already owned a duplex in Montreal for over a year, converted two living rooms into extra bedrooms, house-hacked so my mom and I could live for free. After watching this video, Lyne and I were so hyped up and stayed up all night discussing how we could acquire a portfolio of this size, and achieve Matt McKeever’s level of passive income from real estate. That’s when we seriously considered scaling and focusing on real estate investing, rather than just treating it as a buy-and-hold and house-hacking.

On Marketing and Finding Your Own Voice

Mid-Day Squares UNCENSORED! with Nick, Lez & Jake

Company culture, family business, startup, chocolate bar, marketing, and “whatever the fuck is on their mind”, Mid-Day Squares is far more than just a Montreal startup that makes delicious, functional chocolate bars. This podcast gets me fired up every time and encourages me to be myself in whatever it is that I work on, and pushes me to always stay true to myself.

Startup, Gimlet Media

The first season of Startup is gold. It gave the audience an unfiltered look into how Alex Blumberg (producer of NPR’s This American Life and Planet Money) left everything behind at NPR and started building his own podcasting company, THROUGH A PODCAST! Alex immerses the audience into his story by sharing unedited voice recordings of the journey: pitching to the legendary angel investor Chris Sacca, consulting his wife about what shoes to wear for his meetings, phone calls with his co-founder deciding on how they should split the business that would later be acquired by Spotify for $200 Million)… Known for its unique investigative approach for storytelling, this series raised tremendous awareness and paved the ground for Gimlet Media’s success. It is raw, authentic, and exhilarating. Alex’s story inspired me to reflect on the journey and the internal why, prepared me to embrace the unknown and uncertainty when starting something new, and empowered me to be authentic.

On Investing in Real Estate As a Beginner

RISE Real Estate Investing Podcast with Austin Yeh and Mayu Thava

Once you start listening to the popular real estate podcasts out there, you would soon realize most of them are heavily focused on the U.S., and the guests they bring on are overwhelmingly successful (have 100+ doors and looking to invest in mobile home parks), which to me felt unreachable and I always had a hard time relating to them. Austin and Mayu are in their mid-20’s, humble and down to earth. After having found success in their Ontario markets like Windsor, they are helping new investors by sharing their learnings as they grow, and bringing on guests of various experience levels to walk through the basics of real estate investing concepts, and share their strategies that brought them to success.

BiggerPockets Newsletter

Although heavily focused on the U.S., this newsletter shares the latest blog posts and articles published on BiggerPockets.com. The content is fire and extremely informational for investors of any experience level (ranging from “how to manage renovations remotely”, to “how to ensure your good tenants stay”). I always find myself opening up every single link they share in this newsletter.

TikTok @daniel_iles

25-year-old real estate investor from Alaska, mastered the game of social media and using TikTok as a platform to teach teens and new investors basic investing concepts.

Ammar and Matt McKeever’s Guide on How to Wholesale Real Estate in Canada

This four-part video series introduces the basics of wholesaling real estate in Canada, and how anyone can start with $0 in marketing. Here is the link to the e-book. We thoroughly enjoyed this series and found it very helpful to kick-off our wholesaling journey. Matt McKeever and his production team share fire content on his IG @mattmckeever85 on the daily also.

BONUS: Real Estate Memes IG@TheBrokeAgent

On Running the Numbers on Your Real Estate Deal

The Andrew Hines Real Estate Investing Podcast

Andrew Hines has built a portfolio of student and family rental properties with an asset value over $4,000,000. Andrew’s podcast is especially special for me because he does a fantastic job of running the numbers with every guest to come on, they discuss a wide variety of topics including buy and hold, BRRRR (buy, reno, rent, refinance, repeat), multi-family investing, land development, student rentals, flipping and more. At the end of the day, real estate is a numbers game.

On Leveling Up Your Real Estate Game

Wholesaling Inc. Baby Steps to Your First Real Estate Deal

One of the only podcasts out there that focuses exclusively on wholesaling real estate. Although it’s U.S. based, lots of the strategies and best practices discussed in the show are applicable in Canada. Absolutely love their latest “Do or Die Series”, where they are recording the ongoing coaching session for a student looking to wholesale vacant lands, and financing them out to first-time investors directly, therefore removing the limitations of bank financing on vacant land – a common frustration among non-developer land buyers looking to build their dream cottage.

Where Should I Invest: Real Estate Investing in Canada with Sarah Larbi

Sarah Larbi recently retired from her 9-5 thanks to her real estate investment portfolio. Other than having found success in her real estate endeavours, Sarah is the host of one of my favorite podcasts on REI: she brings on guests from all over the continent, and dissects their individual strategies. Even the sponsors she brings on for the show are valuable contacts I have personally reached out to for help.

BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast with David Greene, Brandon Turner and Joshua Dorkin

Considered as the Holy Grail forum for American real estate investors, BiggerPockets is a wonderful resource that comes in many formats, their real estate podcast is by far my favorite. Recorded from Brandon’s Hawaiian sea shed, they have brought on guests from all walks of life, from Marie Forleo to Grant Cardone.

A Canadian Investing in the USA with Glen Sutherland

As the name suggests, this series is about a Canadian investing in the USA. I really enjoy Glen’s no-frils approach with the guests, his episodes are concise, but packed with tactical information.

IG @InvestFourMore

A U.S. based investor that focuses on flips and BRRRRs. Shares fire content on the daily.

IG @MatPiche

A fellow wholesaler, realtor, and real estate investors based in Kitchener, and another great power couple we constantly draw inspirations from. Mat has mastered the Facebook re-targeting algorithm and got to where he is today by “outworking and outspending everyone else on marketing.” His latest episode on Andrew Hines’ podcast was my personal favorite episode on REI of all time.

On Learning More about Moncton

I noticed that although there are many valuable resources on real estate investing, and many keen investors looking to invest in Moncton, Canada’s 7th fastest growing city, but there is not much market insight on Moncton.

That is why we are sitting down with local market experts, from different fields in real estate, ranging from realtors to mortgage agents, to share their expertise and unique perspectives on Moncton, so you as an investor, can make educated decisions before pulling the trigger. The topics we are discussing including the many myths about investing in NB: double property taxhigh double digits CAP ratescommon property issues (knob and tube)local private lending options, etc. The YouTube channel is soft launching next week, to get exclusive priority access, join our email list here.

We specialize in locating off-market deals in Moncton, and connecting them with savvy investors; to further add value to the out-of-province investors, we have incorporated technologies such as Matterport virtual tour and Four Ways to Win ROI analysis, and sharing our network of trusted talent, so you can invest remotely with a peace of mind, and ensure that your investment is truly passive.

On Expanding Your Network

Although we are still new to real estate, every day we are resonating more and more deeply with the cliché saying: “your network is your net worth”. Here are some of my favorite ways to add more contacts to my rolodex, and find vendors that are “investor-friendly”.

  • BiggerPockets Forum Free membership, Pro Membership at USD $390 per year
  • CashFlow Tribe Forum Free membership, Premium Membership at CAD $59 per month
  • RISE Network Facebook Group (Greater Toronto Area)
  • Your local Real Estate Investor Meet-Ups
  • The sauna room of your gym
  • Door knocking
  • Posting a free ad on Kijiji or Facebook groups
  • Realtors listed next to the properties you are looking at on Realtor.ca

Looking to invest in Moncton? I have already done the homework of vetting local suppliers and finding the ones that are truly investor-friendly. Check out our trusted network of Moncton-based vendors here.

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