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Meily Property Solutions helps busy professionals from across the world invest in real estate in booming markets in Eastern Canada. With our guidance, clients acquire turnkey rental properties with long-term tenants in place, providing immediate cash flow and the potential for property appreciation. Our expert team offers full service property management for a stress-free investing experience.

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You’re on your way to a successful rental portfolio, without the hard work.

In 3 easy steps

Build a Plan

We’ll discuss your long-term investment goals and provide an informative demo on how we successfully build & manage rental portfolios with an expert Portfolio Manager.

Select Properties & Close

Our team will walk you through the property selection, lending options, & closing of your new new portfolio. First class leasing and property management is included.

Grow your Portfolio

Grow your rental portfolio over time with the help of your dedicated Meily portfolio manager and enjoy the benefits of passive income on day one.

Let Meily do it for you

Are you seeking long-term passive income

without the stress and time it requires to manage a rental portfolio?

Why New Brunswick

Invest for both positive cashflow and home price appreciation. You don’t have to live here to enjoy the benefits of high rents, continuous growth & appreciation.


Lower Home Prices compared to Canadian average


Moncton: Fastest Growing City in All of Canada


Market Appreciation (compared to the Canadian average of 18.4%)

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How We Evaluate Each Opportunity

The Four Way to Win ROI Analysis

to help you evaluate every deal

Market Analysis and Tenant Profile

to give you insights into the neighbourhood you are investing in

Moncton Market Myths Debunked

as we share our learnings from interviewing market experts on topics like NB’s double property tax

Matterport 3D Virtual Tour

so you can invest anywhere with a peace of mind

Trusted Network of Investor-Friendly Local Talent

(from Property Managers to Contractors, Mortgage Agents to Notary Lawyers) to help make your remote investment truly passive

We are here

Prefer to be the active investor?

Are you looking for off-market opportunities in New Brunswick? Whether you are a Moncton investor, first-time homebuyer, or an out-of-province investor, New Brunswick Property Deals is your best source for off-market deals.

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